Sales and delivery of spare parts for Escalators

Alapont supplies all kind of spare parts, no matter what brand of escalator or moving walkaway it is.

Specialists in lift installation and lift maintenance

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Lift Maintenance

  • Thousands of maintained lifts
  • The price is up to you!
  • Incident response time
  • 99.9% of systems maintained by Alapont pass the OCA certification straight away
QR codes in lifts
Alapont lift engineer delivering excellent lift maintenance and lift repairs
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New Lift Installations

lifts for public buildings

hospitals, metros, hotels....

I want to install a lift
in my home
Home lift installations
I want to install a lift
in a building with no lift
Lift installation in buildings with no lift
I want to plan a lift
in my ongoing project
Lift installation for new construction projects
…I would rather tell you what I need

Home Lifts

  • Space efficient: Space is no longer an issue, 1m² is enough!
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Perfectly integrated into your home thanks to innovative designs
Home lift installation
Residential lifts
  • An investment for the future that adds value to your home
  • Cost effective with surprising prices!
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Buildings with no lift

  • Improves your living standards and adds value to your building
  • All lift products are guaranteed and self-certified
  • Grant management: Your building will surely benefit from one of them
  • Turnkey project management
Installing a lift will add value to existing buildings without a lift
Variety of solutions for installing lifts in older buildings
  • Tailor-made lifts for all types of buildings. Alapont offers a variety of solutions to adapt to your building: stairwell, new inner wells, inner patios, exterior façade, and more.
  • And… yes! We have a funding program! We offer tailor-made funding programs.
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New Construction Projects

  • Non-binding consultations
  • During planning, construction and finishing stages, Alapont will assist you with your elevation project
Lift consultants for new construction projects
Experienced lift engineers for new building projects
  • Our lift consultants will provide technical guidance throughout the whole process of your building project
  • Hospitals, public buildings, office buildings, large loads, housing, public transport, etc.
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Lift Modernisation & Lift Refurbishments

  • Safety comes first
  • Transparent and reliable advice
  • Partial or total renovations, there might be parts you can keep
After photo: Modern lift after lift refurbishment by Alapont Lifts
Before photo: Old lift requiring modernisation and lift repairs
  • We break architectural and technological barriers
  • Improved comfort for your home, no more noises!
  • Energy efficient. Savings in consumption, minimal environmental impact, benefits for everyone
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Escalators & Moving Walkways

  • Safety comes first
  • Energy efficient. Savings in consumption, minimal environmental impact, benefits for everyone
  • Versatile and varied designs
Escalator engineers in Valencia, Spain
Alapont moving walkway designed with maximum safety and comfort
  • Excellent performance. Adaptation to each location. Alapont will assist you on which model is best depending on the walkway’s expected level of traffic: train stations, airports, shopping centres, etc.
  • We will assist you throughout the entire process.
Alapont escalators in a shopping centre
Escalator installation in train station
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