Installation and maintenance
of Elevators.

The brand or model does not matter.
Request information without obligation.

empresa de instalación y mantenimiento de ascensores

Leading company in the maintenance and installation of elevators in the Valencian Community


¿What do you need?


If you want to extend the life of your elevator and guarantee its proper functioning, contact our elevator maintenance service without obligation.

Professionalism, guarantee and proximity our values.


Do you live in a building without an elevator and want information?

We adapt to the available space and if not, we look for alternatives and we will offer you the personalized financing program that best suits you.


Has your elevator got old? Does it make a lot of noise or is it very slow?

The time has come to modernize it. You will save on the consumption of your bills, you will gain security and you will help the environment.

Accessibility solutions

Building / housing accessibility

From December 4, 2017, all buildings must guarantee accessibility. At Alapont we help you eliminate the architectural barriers of your neighborhood community or your private home. Making it accessible is in your hands and you never know when you will need it. We speak?

accesibilidad en edificios


Why Alapont?


Near you! with our delegations and staff close to your area.


Quick response to the requirements of the neighbors with qualified personnel.

empresa de ascensores alapont


More than 60 years guaranteeing the safety of our neighbors.

Adapted solutions

We look for the option that best suits your needs.

Quality guarantee

certificado empresa de ascensores


The brand or model does not matter. Request information without obligation.


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